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Facts and Curiosities

A Liter corresponds to the amount of liquid that fits exactly inside a cube with 1 dm of edge. Since the density of water is approximately 1 kilogram per liter, this almost equivalence makes it easy to move from one measurement system to another (in the case of water). In other substances, whether liquid or not, the passage from one unit of measurement to another, is possible only if we know its density. As a matter of curiosity, know that filling a tub to take bath causes that approximately 265 liters of water are consumed, and that a liter of gasoline is enough to contaminate 700 thousand liters of water!

A Gallon is a unit of measure of volume for liquids, used in the community of Anglo-Saxon countries. The gallon of the United States, is not equal to the gallon of the United Kingdom. This is because, Britain began by indexing the gallon (known as the imperial gallon) to the volume of 10 pounds of water. While in the United States, the gallon was indexed to the volume of a cylindrical container (intended to contain wine), 6 inches long by 7 inches in diameter. Milk bottles marketed in the United States usually weigh 1 gallon (about 3.8 liters), while in countries with the international metric system these bottles are usually sold per liter.

Math Formula

`text(US gal lqd)= L xx 0.26417`

Conversion Examples

liter to gallon liter to gallon
1 L = 0,2642 US gal lqd 35 L = 9,2460 US gal lqd
2 L = 0,5283 US gal lqd 40 L = 10,5668 US gal lqd
3 L = 0,7925 US gal lqd 45 L = 11,8877 US gal lqd
4 L = 1,0567 US gal lqd 50 L = 13,2085 US gal lqd
5 L = 1,3209 US gal lqd 60 L = 15,8502 US gal lqd
10 L = 2,6417 US gal lqd 70 L = 18,4919 US gal lqd
15 L = 3,9626 US gal lqd 80 L = 21,1336 US gal lqd
20 L = 5,2834 US gal lqd 90 L = 23,7753 US gal lqd
25 L = 6,6043 US gal lqd 100 L = 26,4170 US gal lqd
30 L = 7,9251 US gal lqd 500 L = 132,0850 US gal lqd
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