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Facts and Curiosities

The Hour is a unit used to measure time intervals and corresponds to 60 minutes or 3600 seconds. In historical terms, this measure was calculated based on the rotation of the planet Earth. As of 1928, virtually every country in the world has adopted universal time. To determine the time in a given location, simply add or subtract an integer number of hours to universal time. This addition or subtraction will depend on whether we are located east or west of the Greenwich meridian. Between two consecutive time zones there is always a difference of one hour. As a curiosity, know that for every hour that passes are consumed more than 12 million cans of Coca-Cola and more than 1 million hamburgers.

The Minute is a unit used to measure time intervals and corresponds to 60 seconds. A very common error of students happens when they intend to convert from one unit of time to another. If we have for example 5.25 minutes, many will interpret this information as equivalent to 5 minutes and 25 seconds. This conversion is wrong! Notice that 0.25 is a quarter, so a quarter of a minute is 15 seconds. Thus, the correct conversion of 5.25 minutes is 5 minutes and 15 seconds. Generally, a minute is the time it takes for the blood to take a full turn in our body. As a matter of curiosity, be aware that, currently approximately 65,000 barrels of oil per minute are spent, which corresponds to the volume of four Olympic pools.

Math Formula

`min=hr xx 60`

If you do not wish to use our converter, you can always choose to perform the mathematical conversion operations manually. To do this, simply follow the following steps:

  1. Replace the variable hr with the value in hour that you want to convert.
  2. Carry out mathematical operations, respecting priorities.
  3. Get the final value of minute ​​with the rounding you want.

Conversion Examples

hour to minute hour to minute
0.05 hr = 3 min 1 hr = 60 min
0.1 hr = 6 min 1.2 hr = 72 min
0.2 hr = 12 min 1.5 hr = 90 min
0.3 hr = 18 min 1.8 hr = 108 min
0.4 hr = 24 min 2 hr = 120 min
0.5 hr = 30 min 2.5 hr = 150 min
0.6 hr = 36 min 3 hr = 180 min
0.7 hr = 42 min 4 hr = 240 min
0.8 hr = 48 min 5 hr = 300 min
0.9 hr = 54 min 6 hr = 360 min

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