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Facts and Curiosities

The Day is a unit of time generally defined as an interval equal to 24 hours. One day, it is understood as the period of time, that the Earth leads to make a rotating movement around itself. Mainly due to the effects of the tides, this period of rotation of the Earth is not constant, resulting in small variations throughout the year. To counteract these small oscillations, in 1955, astronomers defined a new time scale based on the distance from Earth to the Sun, which is more accurate than the rotational motion of our planet. Given that a full rotation is 360º, if we divide this value by the 24 hours that a day has, we will get 15º. So if on a beautiful summer day we are on a beach to catch the sun, for an hour without moving, then without leaving the same place, there was a displacement of our body of 15º in relation to the axis of our planet.

The Minute is a unit used to measure time intervals and corresponds to 60 seconds. A very common error of students happens when they intend to convert from one unit of time to another. If we have for example 5.25 minutes, many will interpret this information as equivalent to 5 minutes and 25 seconds. This conversion is wrong! Notice that 0.25 is a quarter, so a quarter of a minute is 15 seconds. Thus, the correct conversion of 5.25 minutes is 5 minutes and 15 seconds. Generally, a minute is the time it takes for the blood to take a full turn in our body. As a matter of curiosity, be aware that, currently approximately 65,000 barrels of oil per minute are spent, which corresponds to the volume of four Olympic pools.

Math Formula

`min=dia xx 1440`

Conversion Examples

day to minute day to minute
0.1 day(s) = 144 min 3.5 day(s) = 5040 min
0.25 day(s) = 360 min 4 day(s) = 5760 min
0.5 day(s) = 720 min 4.5 day(s) = 6480 min
1 day(s) = 1440 min 5 day(s) = 7200 min
1.25 day(s) = 1800 min 5.5 day(s) = 7920 min
1.5 day(s) = 2160 min 6 day(s) = 8640 min
1.75 day(s) = 2520 min 7 day(s) = 10080 min
2 day(s) = 2880 min 8 day(s) = 11520 min
2.5 day(s) = 3600 min 9 day(s) = 12960 min
3 day(s) = 4320 min 10 day(s) = 14400 min
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