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Facts and Curiosities

The Kelvin scale was proposed in 1848 by Lord Kelvin, who wrote an article on the need for a scale where the "infinite cold" (known as absolute zero) was the zero point of the scale. This point was set to -273.15°C. With this, the Kelvin temperature scale became the only one where there were no negative values. Unlike the Celsius and Fahrenheit scale, the temperatures described in Kelvin are not accompanied by the word "degrees". Therefore, one should not say 250 degrees Kelvin, but one should mention only 250 Kelvin or 250 K.

The Fahrenheit scale is a thermodynamic temperature scale, where the freezing point of water is 32°F and the boiling point is 212°F. This puts the water boiling and freezing points separated by exactly 180 degrees. This temperature scale was proposed by Gabriel Daniel Fahrenheit in 1724. To reach these values, he placed a thermometer inside a mixture of water and other chemical components. In the position marked by the level of the mercury inside the thermometer, Fahrenheit marked the zero point, then used the same thermometer to measure the temperature of the human body and thus marked the 100 point. Finally, he divided the space between zero and hundred in 100 equal parts. The Fahrenheit scale was born.

Math Formula

`F=K × 1.8 - 459.67`

Conversion Examples

kelvin to fahrenheit kelvin to fahrenheit
225 K = -54,6700 ºF 280 K = 44,3300 ºF
230 K = -45,6700 ºF 285 K = 53,3300 ºF
240 K = -27,6700 ºF 290 K = 62,3300 ºF
245 K = -18,6700 ºF 295 K = 71,3300 ºF
250 K = -9,6700 ºF 300 K = 80,3300 ºF
255 K = -0,6700 ºF 305 K = 89,3300 ºF
260 K = 8,3300 ºF 310 K = 98,3300 ºF
265 K = 17,3300 ºF 315 K = 107,3300 ºF
270 K = 26,3300 ºF 320 K = 116,3300 ºF
275 K = 35,3300 ºF 325 K = 125,3300 ºF
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