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Facts and Curiosities

Meter per Second is a unit consisting of the standard unit of length, the meter, with the standard unit of time, the second. As its name implies, this unit shows us the distance (in meters) traveled by an object during a second. To represent the meter per second we use the symbol m/s or less often mps. We should note the following: while the meter per second measures the speed, the meter per second squared is the standard IS unit used to measure acceleration. Although these two concepts look similar, they are actually quite different. Acceleration is used to measure the speed variation over a certain period of time. The acceleration can be positive or negative depending on whether the speed is increasing or decreasing.

Kilometer per hour is a measure of speed, typically used in countries that use the metric system. In these countries, road speed limits are calculated in kilometers per hour, which is abbreviated as kph or km/h. As its name implies, this unit represents the distance (in kilometers) traveled by an object for one hour. This measure is usually an average, that is, if a car traveled the distance of 210 km between two cities and to take this route, it took an hour and a half, so we will get a speed of 140 kilometers per hour (140 km/h). This does not obviously mean that the car has constantly shifted at this speed, there may be parts of the route on which it has been faster and parts where it has circulated more slowly.

Math Formula

`kph=text(m/s) xx 3.6`

Conversion Examples

mps to kph mps to kph
0.2 m/s = 0,7200 kph 9 m/s = 32,4000 kph
0.5 m/s = 1,8000 kph 10 m/s = 36 kph
1 m/s = 3,6000 kph 15 m/s = 54 kph
2 m/s = 7,2000 kph 20 m/s = 72 kph
3 m/s = 10,8000 kph 25 m/s = 90 kph
4 m/s = 14,4000 kph 30 m/s = 108 kph
5 m/s = 18 kph 35 m/s = 126 kph
6 m/s = 21,6000 kph 40 m/s = 144 kph
7 m/s = 25,2000 kph 45 m/s = 162 kph
8 m/s = 28,8000 kph 50 m/s = 180 kph
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