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Facts and Curiosities

Since 1983, the Meter has officially been defined as the length of the path traveled by the light in a vacuum during a certain time interval. The idea of a unified system of measures was first implemented in France at the time of the French Revolution. In the year 1789 a request was made to the members of the Academy of Sciences of that nation to create a unified system of measures. This system had several advantages compared to the previous ones, since the measures ceased to depend on parts of the human body, as they were until then, thus ceasing to be so arbitrary. This system was later followed by most countries in the world. According to the International System of Measures, the meter is considered to be the main unit of length measurement.

The Yard is a unit of length equal to 3 feet, defined as being 91.44 centimeters, or nearly one meter. Originally, this measure was chosen to be the average length of a step when walking. In soccer games, the yard is used at the time the referee needs to establish the distance between the ball and the barrier. As in the rules of soccer, which arose in England, this length was stipulated in yards, the referee makes this measurement by taking steps. This is also true for other sports that originate in Anglo-Saxon countries, such as football. In it, the distances traveled by players are counted in yards.

Math Formula

`yd=m xx 1.0936`

Conversion Examples

meter to yard meter to yard
0.5 m = 0,5468 yd 30 m = 32,8080 yd
1 m = 1,0936 yd 35 m = 38,2760 yd
2 m = 2,1872 yd 40 m = 43,7440 yd
3 m = 3,2808 yd 45 m = 49,2120 yd
4 m = 4,3744 yd 50 m = 54,6800 yd
5 m = 5,4680 yd 60 m = 65,6160 yd
10 m = 10,9360 yd 70 m = 76,5520 yd
15 m = 16,4040 yd 80 m = 87,4880 yd
20 m = 21,8720 yd 90 m = 98,4240 yd
25 m = 27,3400 yd 100 m = 109,3600 yd
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