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Facts and Curiosities

The League was a measure used to measure long routes, much used in Portugal and Brazil, until the introduction of the metric system. There were several types of league, such as the Land League (old and present) and the Maritime League. In Brazil, the name of league was given the distance traveled on foot during an hour's walk. It should be noted that before the introduction of the metric system, each country had different measures for the league, and thus the league used in France was not the same as that of Germany, nor was that of Portugal. The situation was strange, as the units of measure being different within the country itself, from province to province.

The word Kilometer is a combination of the prefix "kilo" (meaning thousand) with the word meter. That is the reason why one kilometer equals exactly one thousand meters. In spite of this, it should be noted that the abbreviation for the word kilometer is "km". To finish, never place the plural in the kilometer symbol, that is, whether it is 1 km or 8 km, the abbreviation should always appear in the singular.

Math Formula


Conversion Examples

league to km league to km
0.5 lea = 2,4141 km 30 lea = 144,8436 km
1 lea = 4,8281 km 35 lea = 168,9842 km
2 lea = 9,6562 km 40 lea = 193,1248 km
3 lea = 14,4844 km 45 lea = 217,2654 km
4 lea = 19,3125 km 50 lea = 241,4059 km
5 lea = 24,1406 km 60 lea = 289,6871 km
10 lea = 48,2812 km 70 lea = 337,9683 km
15 lea = 72,4218 km 80 lea = 386,2495 km
20 lea = 96,5624 km 90 lea = 434,5307 km
25 lea = 120,7030 km 100 lea = 482,8119 km
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