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This scientific online calculator allows you to: solve equations of the first degree, solve equations of the second degree, calculate derivatives, calculate integrals, perform calculations with matrices, convert various units of measurement, perform calculations with complex numbers, use trigonometric functions, calculate discounts and percentages, etc. For more information, see the following examples:

Enter CalculationCalculates ExpressionResult Obtained
`2 + 3 ** 4``2 + 3 xx 4``14`
`2x + 3 = 4(x-1)``2x + 3 = 4(x-1)``x=7/2`
`x text(^)2+2x-1=9``x^2+2x-1=9``x=-sqrt(11)-1 vv`
`5m + 50cm``5m + 50cm``5.5m`
`50m text( in ) cm``50m rarr cm``5000 cm`
`2cm text(^)2 text( in ) dm text(^)2``2cm^2 rarr dm^2``0.02 dm^2`
`1//4 + 1//2``1/4 + 1/2``3/4`
`200 + 5%``200 + 5%``210`
`text(int)(x^2)``int(x^2) dx``x^3/3 + C`
`[[1, 2][4, 5]]**[[6, 7][8, 3]]``[[1, 2],[4, 5]]xx[[6, 7],[8, 3]]``[[22, 13],[64, 43]]`
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