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Facts and Curiosities

The American Dollar is the official currency of the United States. The symbol $, is usually written before its numerical value. The first American coins date from 1792, whereas the first notes were only produced in 1862 to cope with the scarcity of coins. Pne dollar coins and dollar bills exist simultaneously, although notes are found more easily. Several countries use the United States dollar as their official currency. In all, 37 million notes are produced per day, but around 95% of these notes are intended to replace others of equal value that have already deteriorated. Of this total of notes that are printed daily, 45% corresponds to the note of 1 dollar. These $1 bills have a life span of approximately one year, while the $100 bills last on average about nine years because they are much less used.

The Real is the official currency of Brazil. After successive monetary exchanges, Brazil adopted the real on July 1, 1994. The name chosen coincides with the name of the first currency of Brazil, a currency used by the empire of Portugal in all its colonies. The real is the sixteenth most traded currency in the world. It is estimated that today there are more than eight million real coins lost. The real 1 note is so rare (it stopped being issued in 2005) that some believe that it gives luck. For this reason many bring one of these notes in their wallets. Collectors even pay twenty reais to get one of these notes. Despite this apparent rarity it is estimated that there are 150 million notes of 1 real still in circulation in Brazil.

Math Formula

Conversion Examples

dollar to real dollar to real
0.5 USD = BRL 50 USD = BRL
1 USD = BRL 60 USD = BRL
2 USD = BRL 70 USD = BRL
3 USD = BRL 80 USD = BRL
4 USD = BRL 90 USD = BRL
5 USD = BRL 100 USD = BRL
10 USD = BRL 150 USD = BRL
15 USD = BRL 200 USD = BRL
20 USD = BRL 250 USD = BRL
25 USD = BRL 500 USD = BRL
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