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Facts and Curiosities

One Hectare equals to one square hectometer or one hundred ares. This in square meters results in 10,000 m². To get the idea of what represents one hectare, just imagine a square terrain, with one hundred meters on each side. If you are a football fan, you can use the measure of the area of the playing field as equivalent to about one hectare. This is essentially an agrarian measure, widely used in calculating the size of agricultural areas, forests and natural areas. For example, at the time of fires, the burning area is always expressed in hectares.

Acre is an old unit of measurement used to measure land. The term comes from Old English which means "field drawn". During the Middle Ages, one acre represented the amount of land that could be plowed in one day with a cow. This is a unit of measure with little used currently. It can still be found in literature, being its most famous reference, The "Hundred Acre Wood", that is a fictional forest where Winnie-the-Pooh and its friends live.

Math Formula

`ac=ha xx 2.4711`

Conversion Examples

hectare to acre hectare to acre
0.5 ha = 1,2356 ac 30 ha = 74,1330 ac
1 ha = 2,4711 ac 35 ha = 86,4885 ac
2 ha = 4,9422 ac 40 ha = 98,8440 ac
3 ha = 7,4133 ac 45 ha = 111,1995 ac
4 ha = 9,8844 ac 50 ha = 123,5550 ac
5 ha = 12,3555 ac 60 ha = 148,2660 ac
10 ha = 24,7110 ac 70 ha = 172,9770 ac
15 ha = 37,0665 ac 80 ha = 197,6880 ac
20 ha = 49,4220 ac 90 ha = 222,3990 ac
25 ha = 61,7775 ac 100 ha = 247,1100 ac
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